O Level Computer Course? | Qualification, full form, and career Scope 

O Level Computer Course? | Qualification, full form, and career Scope 

O Level Computer Course:- If you are interested in gaining basic knowledge about computer literature and web design, you may find it beneficial to enroll in an O-level computer course. This course is offered by the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT), formerly known as DOEACC. This comprehensive course aims to provide you with a solid foundation in various forms of computer technology.

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To be eligible for the O Level course, there are no specific educational prerequisites. It is open to diverse photography and has a keen interest in ghostly computer feeling. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics including computer basics, networking, web design, and new and information technology.

On completing the O Level course, you will have gained a strong understanding of computer apps and web design. This knowledge can open up a variety of career possibilities for you, including roles such as computer connection, junior programmer, web designer, and network audio. The course costs less than you need to work in both the public and private sectors, making it an appraised qualification for aspiring professionals.

What is an O Level Computer Course?

O Level Computer Course? | Qualification, full form, and career Scope 

O Level Computer Course is a foundation level course in computer application which is equivalent to Diploma or Certificate course. It is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to use various IT tools and software for personal and professional purposes. The course also introduces students to the concepts of programming, multimedia, and Internet technologies.

The duration of the course is one year (two semesters), and comprises four theory modules, one practical module and one project work. The theory modules are:

IT Tools and Business System

This module covers the basics of computer hardware, software, operating systems, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database management, and internet applications.

Internet Technology and Web Design

This module covers the fundamentals of web design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, web servers, web browsers, web hosting, and web security.

Programming and Problem Solving through Python

This module covers the basics of programming logic, data types, operators, control structures, functions, modules, file handling, exception handling, and object-oriented programming using Python language.


Students can choose one of the following three modules as an elective:

Application of Net Technology

This module covers the basics of the Net framework, C language, ASP.Net web development, ADO.Net data access, and XML web services.

Introduction to Multimedia

This module covers the basics of multimedia elements, graphics, animation, audio, video, compression techniques, authoring tools, and multimedia applications.

Introduction to ICT Resources

This module covers the basics of ICT infrastructure, networking concepts, network devices, network topologies, network protocols, network security, cloud computing, and mobile computing.

The practical module is based on the syllabus of the four theory modules and tests the student’s ability to apply their knowledge in real-life situations. Project work is a mandatory component that requires students to solve a problem or create a product using the skills and tools learned in the course.

What are the eligibility criteria for an O Level Computer Course?

To enroll for an O Level Computer Course, students need to have one of the following qualifications¹²:

  • 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized board or institution
  • ITI Certificate (one year) after the 10th class
  • The second year of a Government recognized polytechnic engineering diploma after the 10th class
  • Students also need to register with NIELIT through its student portal https://student.nielit.gov.in. 
  • The registration fee is Rs 500/- and the registration is valid for five years¹.

How to appear for an O Level Computer Course examination?

NIELIT conducts the O Level Computer Course exam twice a year (in January and July) at various locations across India. Students can choose their preferred exam center while filling out the online exam form. The examination fee for each theory paper is Rs.750/- + Rs.100/- mock fee. The examination fee for the practical paper is Rs.500/-.

Each theory paper carries a maximum of 100 marks and three hours duration. The duration of the practical paper is also of three hours. To appear in the exam, students must have at least 50% marks on each paper. A student can appear in a maximum of ten consecutive examinations against the status of his/her registration.

What are the career opportunities after completing an O Level Computer Course?

After completing this course, students can pursue further studies in computer applications or related fields by enrolling in NIELIT’s O-Level Computer Course or other regular degree courses. Alternatively, they can also seek employment in various sectors that require basic IT skills and knowledge. Some of the job roles that they can apply for are:

  • Junior Programmer
  • EDP Assistant
  • Web Designer
  • Web Publication Assistant
  • Office Automation Assistant
  • IoT Application Integrator
  • Lab Demonstrator


The O-level computer course is a good option for students who want to learn the principles of computer apps and web design. It is a recognized qualification that can help them in their physical or professional activities. However, students must also be aware of the course structure, eligibility criteria, exam process, and career scope before enrolling for the same. We hope that this article has given you a clear idea of what is O Level Computer Course and how to do it.